Hennry Masterov

N.Y. His pastry career began in 1982 in Buratino Bakery when he started as a dish- washer at age 14, worked his way from making cookies to producing wedding cakes from simple sponge cake and butter cream roses.

In 1988 Henry accepted position as a night baker at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel and for the next 12 years he took upon numerous positions ;from night baker to head baker ,pastry cook to lead pastry cook, from Individual Development Management to Assistant Pastry Chef Henry Masterov is the Executive Pastry Chef of the Master Sweets Pastry Shop in Brooklyn to Pastry Chef and finally his ultimate goal Executive Pastry Chef for the biggest hotel in the whole company leading staff of 22 pastry cooks .He is well known for creating fabulous masterpieces made from chocolate ,puled and blown sugar, pastillage and nougatine for various holidays and special events.

In 2000 Mr. Masterov took a challenging position and moved to Boston accepting position as an Executive Pastry Chef for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company .Where for the next 2 years he had to sharpened his skills and excelled in fancy pastry work. In March 19, 2000 Henry entered the Patisfrance 11th annual U.S. Pastry Competition in which Mr. Masterov won Gold Medal earning the title “Pastry Chef Of The Year” 2000 and Best Plated Dessert. He hand carved out of 77 lb block of white chocolate into soft curves and poignant spaces in 3D form to suggest the essence of a man and a woman dancing tango above an illuminated dance floor. In August of the year 2002 Henry masterov moved back home to New York city and took another challenging position at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park .

Education: Henry attended New York City Technical College where he received an degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Henry Masterov attended several continuing education classes for four consecutive years from 1993 to 1996 at the International School of Confectionary Arts :basic and advance sugar pulling ,blowing ,casting and showpieces; chocolate showpieces and decorations; Swiss candy making. In June 1997 Henry attended French Pastry School in Chicago where he studied Art of Sweet Table Presentation and Masterpieces from Sugar and Chocolate 1996 completed training in advance ice sculpting. In March 2001 Internship L’ecole Lenotre a prestigious pastry academy, Paris France. Awards and Accomplishments :Mr Henry Masterov entered numerous National and International Food Competitions for artistic and flavorful desserts and consulted many times on the technology of flavor and artistic showpiece designs. His achievements include:

From 1988 to1998 Henry Masterov received bronze, silver and gold medals from New York Hotel and Restaurant Show and International Geneva Association, Northern New Jersey Branch.

1996-128th Salon of Culinary Arts-Societe Culinare Philantropique First Place- Gold Medal for Pastry Buffet Presentation

1997-129th Salon of Culinary Arts-Societe Culinare Philantropique First Place- Gold Medal for Pastry / Confectionary Presentation.
1998-130th Salon of Culinary Arts-Societe Culinare Philantropique First Place- Gold Medal for Pastry / Confectionary Presentation.
1998-Hotel Lympia -London, Pare De Chefs Second Place ,Silver Medal and Trofy for Hygiene.
1999-131st Salon of Culinary Arts-Societe Culinare Philantropique First Place- Gold Medal for Pastry and Blown Sugar Display.
2000-“Pastry Chef of The Year” 2000, Gold Medal and Best Plated Dessert.
2000 -Featured an interview on CNN Channel regarding his competition.
2000 -Featured on a cover of Pastry Art and Design Magazine August 2000
2000- Featured in Japanese Newspaper with Henry’s picture showing his masterpiece to Japanese press
2000- Mr . Masterov was part of team chefs from Ritz-Carlton, Boston to prepare a dinner at James Beard House in New York City
2001- Featured on a cover of Pastry Art and Design Magazine in the month of June and nominated one of the “Ten Best Pastry Chefs in America” by Pastry Art and Design and Chocolatier Magazine in 2001
2001 and 2002 Team Captain Beaver Creek National Pastry Team Championship in Vail, Colorado .

2001- Featured on Food Channel network, Beaver Creek Pastry Championship.
2001- Henry was invited as a guest Pastry Chef for one week by Ritz Hotel in London to create a special dessert menu of the week that will represent U.S.A.
2001-2002 Part of the opening team for The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. Jamaica, Boston, Guatemala, New York.
2005-2007 Henry has been a part of an esteemed Jury in the 16th, 17th, and 18th, annual U.S. Pastry Competition at the New York Hotel and Restaurant Show.

Currently Henry Masterov specializes in custom wedding cakes that fit to any stile, traditional of cascading sugar flowers to modern artistic cake designs. Henry can design simple tier cakes with gentle sugar bows and ribbons to magnificent sugar castles of any size with white chocolate horses pulling carriages.

Henry can recreate an object of any kind, any shape or size using sugar or chocolate. Whether it’s a gold necklace or a jewelry chest, a video camera or anything that represents your hobby. Also cakes that fit any theme of your occasion such as Sea World, with creatures of exotic sugar fish, seashells, octopuses, sea horses and turtles above the coral reef. All Disney characters, lapsided cakes, fashionable shoes and brand name bags such as Channel and Louise Vuitton all made of edible sugar.

Henry’s cakes are produced at Master Sweets pastry shop, where he trained a team of professions in assisting him with his masterpieces and performing the delicate flavorful recipes that he uses in his cakes. Henry uses all natural, high quality products, working with the finest chocolate and french purees. Customers are welcome here to view and taste the cakes of their desire. They will personally meet with Henry and design the cake of their dreams, at their convenience. Master Sweets is kosher certified.